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The Cat

Toby was with us from April 2002 until June 9th, 2017, he was found by our dog Brandy when he was 5 to 7 weeks old and passed away in Eric Jr. arms at BluePearl Veterinary. He was diagnosed with Pancreatitis a few years back and its one of those diseases that mask other health problems. His last issues were untreated diabetes and Fatty Liver that we could not get regulated so that we could treat the diabetes.

The  Legend

‚ÄčIn short there can NEVER be another cat like Toby, He was full of personality. He totally loved his humans and would give the BEST head boops EVER. I have started this page as a dedication to all the fun stories/memories that family and friends have of him. Thank you TOBY FOR BEING YOU...

About Toby